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 Note India hires students (freshers and laterals) from various Technical and Management institutes across the country. Our entire recruitment process is managed by the organization from our headquarters, and we do not engage third party agencies or consultants to run our recruitment process.
  We do not appoint or authorize any agent or agency or company to either advertise Rediff’s Off-Campus Hiring or conduct job interviews or make offers of employment on our behalf.
  The company uses its own, secure, corporate email service to send out job offers.
   If you wish to inquire about or explore job opportunities with please email us at
 Some of the many reasons to work with us:
   Young and vibrant brand coupled with a leadership status in the Indian Online space
   A culture which is manifested by the tremendous learning and professional growth
 opportunities offered
   Experience 'teamwork' at its best... exciting opportunities to work in cross-functional environment

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